Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dawn Miller Moncey

I first heard about Debbie and Powerhouse Gym through the Dave Glover show.  Dave talked about his nutrition and workout plans and the results he achieved.  Debbie began doing a live segment on the show in which she discussed correct body mechanics, foam rolling, full range of motion, and eating foods that eliminate cravings.  She emphasized person specific programs instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.  For a year I listened to her segments.   

I wanted to change my life, but couldn't get myself to take that step.

About seven months ago I was finally ready to change my life.  The workouts and diet I had been doing on my own left me physically exhausted, had tweaked my sciatic nerve and caused so much pain in my rotator cuff that I had stopped lifting completely.  I was gaining weight, going to happy hours and smoking again.  I needed a goal and I needed help.  I set a big goal for myself, competing in a figure competition in six months, and I knew the right person to help me.  From listening to her on the radio for so long, I knew that Debbie’s approach and personality was what I needed to guide me through the process.  She was the right trainer for me.

My first meeting with Debbie we discussed my goal, my body type, nutrition and how challenging it would be to get there in six months.  But we would do our best.  The first training session with Debbie consisted of evaluating my flexibility, posture, and body mechanics during basic movements.  We discussed my low back and shoulder pain, and what movements triggered them.  She showed me how to foam roll and stretch, and sent me home with instructions to do them every day.  My second training session, Debbie had me start with assisted pull up and push ups   I asked if I could do the pushups from my knees, and she said, “No, we don't do them from our knees”.  That pretty much set the pace for the rest of our workouts.  Don't cut corners, keep proper form and push through no matter how hard.  I could barely do five push ups that day.  By the end of my third week, I could do forty.  Now, seven months later, I do a hundred pushups a day.  This is another demonstration of how Debbie will take you farther than you think you can go.

The figure competition we were shooting for was in April 2012.  As April fast approached, Debbie and I made the decision to add a few more months of training for a July 2012 show instead.  This would give my muscles more time to develop.  Though it was hard to shift my mindset from April to July, it was the right choice.  I needed a reminder that changing your life isn't for a show or a trophy, it’s for life.  Day in, day out, training hard and eating clean.  This is the trophy.  Being able to compete in a show is a blessing.

As I say after every training session, Thank You Debbie.

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